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No more Type 2 Diabetes! Thanks Laura!

“I discovered, Laura and her book, ‘The Alkaline 5 Diet’. Her story was very inspiring to me, and again the science in her book made sense to me. I had Type 2 Diabetes and previously, I had a lot of problems with acid reflux. I knew my body was too acidic and I popped antacids down like candy. I took Laura’s coaching to get some help. Three months later, after having another blood test, my doctor called. I squealed with joy on the telephone as she read me the results of my HBA1C test. I had gone from a 7.1 to 4.9! No more Type 2 Diabetes! Thanks Laura!”


I believe that you are one of the most heart-centred coaches out there. You have been phenomenal & my Psoriasis has gone.

“When I started coaching with Laura I had psoriasis on my feet which was very itchy and painful. During our eight weeks of coaching together that condition cleared up by 95% and now the only time I notice I get a little flare up is when I’m stressed or just not paying attention to stress levels. So it has been a phenomenal program for me, it has worked extremely well.

The menus were really beneficial. I always struggled with finding foods that tasted really good that are more plant-based and alkaline. The fact that I now have delicious meals that I can eat and make for the family and modify a little bit if necessary is huge for me, a real benefit.

In terms of accountability, being held accountable is really important because you can’t lie your way through it! So having that support structure is everything. If I’d have just done this as a video course without the weekly 1-1 sessions, I would not have been successful.

Laura, I believe that you are one of the most heart-centred coaches out there. You truly care about your clients, really want the best for them and are all-in working with your clients and any information you have, you willingly share that. It’s great information that you share – educated, well-researched. I would highly recommend you to anybody that I know who needs a health coach, you have been phenomenal.”


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laura-rimmer-wilson-testimonials-250x250-round-beth-t-usaYour coaching is friendly & personal & I lost over 10lbs quite effortlessly

“Our 1-1 coaching together has really worked for me. It’s helped me have somebody to bounce things off of and be accountable to. The thing I like most is your demeanour and the way you approach it by being friendly and personal. I don’t feel like I’m calling somebody that I’ve hired, I feel like I’m talking to a friend.
I lost over 10lbs quite effortlessly and it doesn’t feel like a diet. I feel like I could absolutely continue the healthy habits I’ve put in place – it’s all stuff that makes sense to do long-term.”


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Simple to follow & I’ve seen some amazing benefits with reduction of my ulcerative Colitis

“Having been diagnosed with ulcerative Colitis, I started coaching with Laura and she was able to help me really, really well. I would highly recommend Laura’s coaching mainly because it’s a good balance of accountability on a regular basis where we’d agree some actions and at the end of the week you know you’re going to get a call from Laura, you really want to get those good results in the bag and to be able to say that you’ve really seen some good benefits, which I have. For me that was a really good way of motivating myself to stay on the right track. Her coaching is simple to follow and it works very well and I have seen some amazing benefits with my health.

Laura, thank you for your help and diligence with helping me get back on track. Again, I would highly recommend her 1-1 coaching, it’s great value for money, it’s really simple, Laura’s very passionate about what she does and this has enabled me to take my diet much more seriously than I used to.”


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laura-wilson-rimmer-alkaline-diet-health-coaching-testimonial-beccy-dI highly, highly recommend it – I cannot believe the unexpected changes this way of eating has had on my energy levels!

“I thought Laura was 24 and a student, I was shocked to find out she’s much older and she looks fantastic! So I immediately tried her diet and thought it would be tough but I felt really zingy with lots of sustained energy throughout the day. I changed my perspective on milk and I began to crave fruit and loved eating the dates and bananas.
I’ve noticed benefits in my skin, in my bowels, weight loss and what I found brilliant is that you can keep eating and eating these delicious foods and wouldn’t gain any weight from it.
Looking at the difference between my plate of healthy colourful, vibrant fruits and vegetables compared with steak and chips or gammon, egg and chips – the different in colour is incredible and I’m far more drawn to the colourful foods. I have 5 children to feed and we’ve made massive changes in the way our family eats. I’ve changed from white wheat to wholegrain. All the children are having fresh fruits smoothies every morning and loving it. In the evenings I’ve almost gone completely vegan and even my husband who’s a big steak eater is liking the brown rice and salads and other meals.
So I highly, highly recommend it – I cannot believe the unexpected changes this way of eating has had on my energy levels, my outlook on thinking about health and what food was doing to me before. I’m not feeling stodgy or heavy or drained. I’ve not had paracetamol or caffeine for a month. The changes are phenomenal, so go for it!


Watch Beccy’s video testimonial:

simon-francis-laura-rimmer-wilson-alkaline-5-diet-testimonials-250x250-roundLaura’s program is easy & we’re really enjoying the meals!

“My partner and I are both doing the program and it’s quite exciting! Totally different to what I would normally eat and we’re really enjoying all the recipes and enjoying the fact that it’s quick and easy and the seasonings are not what I would have usually used but they are delicious and I’m using them easily now. I had some detox symptoms in week 1, great energy in week 2. I work with people and their nutrition plans on a day to day basis and I would highly recommend this because it’s quick, easy and effective. It is in line with great cardiovascular fitness and achieving a lean body.”


I’ve lost 12lbs in two weeks & my skin looks amazing

“I’ve lost 12lbs in two weeks. I know some of that may be water weight, but my clothes feel much looser, my skin looks amazing and I look forward to exercising. I never thought I’d say that! Laura’s coaching is so encouraging and motivating. This diet is wonderful because the results are so clear so quickly. My sister-in-law originally told me about it – she has lost over 40lbs in over a year and looks younger than 10 years ago. I am convinced of the alkaline diet and with Laura’s five-meal approach, it makes it very simple for anyone to do and stick with it long-term.


raymond-aaron-testimonial-laura-wilson-rimmer-seminar-speakingLaura is a true & vivacious expert and leader in her field

“Laura and I have hosted several events together and it’s always a pleasure to have her speak on my stage. Not only is she a true and vivacious expert, speaker and leader in her field, delivering clear and engaging presentations, but she has real passion for what she does and is very easy to work with.

Laura is an experienced and compelling speaker who audiences love. I am looking forward to working with her again soon.”


My arthritis has gone & I’m now pain-free

“My arthritis plagued me for years; every little thing gave
 me pain in my hands. I thought I’d try the alkaline diet and Laura’s coaching as I’d heard so many good things about it. After only a week
 I was able to open jars without any pain, which I hadn’t been able to do for years. That was the first thing I noticed. My health has just got better and better since then and I’m now living pain-free and off any medication. It feels like a new lease of life. I am so grateful for Laura’s help and the work that she does.”


neal-barnard-laura-wilson-rimmer-diet-book-testimonialUse Laura’s meal plan, you’ll enjoy it

“Use Laura’s meal plan to guide you, and see what you think. I have a good feeling you’ll enjoy it.”


I lost 9lbs in just over a month & feel amazing!

“Laura, I love your site and videos! Thank you for the info you put out there, it truly helped me to become completely vegan. I have lost 9lbs in just over a month and I feel amazing! Blessings to you and yours.”


laura-wilson-rimmer-alkaline-diet-health-coaching-testimonial-kim-gI lost 10lbs & have loads more energy

“I did Laura’s program and lost 10lbs in that time. The only hard part for me was the Fat-Loss Sugar Meal because it meant eating tons of bananas and dates, which are very sweet. However, it did stop any cravings, so I see its purpose and my energy levels were very high. Thanks for showing me how to easily attain my goals. Laura’s diet plan is so sustainable that it’s possible to do day in and day out for an unlimited number of days, as well as a jumpstart to great health.”


robin-r-laura-wilson-rimmer-coaching-testimonials-250x250-roundI’m feeling good & have more energy, clearer thinking & a lighter spring in my step

“Well – I’m feeling good and have more energy, clearer thinking and a lighter spring in my step. I don’t have any scales, but I know I have lost some weight; I can feel it. My day will now always begin with lime or lemon in water and I will be adopting the green juices each day. The bananas and dates are lovely and energy-giving, and my children have got used to seeing 20 or more bananas on the counter top. I am finding more ways to enjoy a plate
 of vegetables and my soup-making is getting better too. Overall, a great success and my old habits have changed. Thank you, Laura, for being the inspiration and the guide, the example of the possible, the light into my shadows, much appreciated.


laura-wilson-rimmer-alkaline-diet-health-coaching-testimonial-betty-pMy sore tongue and acid reflux has gone

“I had a terrible time with a condition called sore tongue which is related to acid reflux and I was in quite a lot of pain with it. The doctor told me I could have it for ten years or more. I started 1-1 coaching with Laura and within 6 weeks it had completely gone!
I really liked week six of the coaching and looking at how to find more natural beauty products and home cleaning products. It’s only from Laura bringing this up that it became more apparent to me that we really need to consider what we use in the home and what we put on our bodies, as well as what we eat.
The video training is great too and our weekly calls are really helpful. Laura is a fantastic listener. Thank you so much Laura for your kind help.”


         Our eternal thanks to Laura for her help after Ivor’s stroke

“One year ago today Ivor my husband retired. Without sounding cheesy, I’m very proud of how he has coped over the last two years following his VAD stroke. He has been working really hard on the garden & field over the last few weeks & although there is still lots to do, it looks great. He exercises each day and follows a sensible diet – our eternal thanks to Laura and her alkaline diet eating plan and book which we’ve been using now for two years.


laura-wilson-rimmer-alkaline-diet-health-coaching-testimonial-rob-doddThanks to Laura I am just about to hit my 2-year alkaline vegan anniversary

“Thanks to Laura I am just about to hit my 2-year alkaline vegan anniversary. I was never a vegetarian so went straight to vegan for a month trial with her group. Wow, it’s a great lifestyle. Laura looks great, a fantastic advertisement for the vegan lifestyle and she really helped me. Keep running (and singing) Laura!”


All my ailments following cancer treatment just melted away: I slept better, lost 36lbs & felt just terrific

“Laura’s program worked really well for me in the first three to four months after undergoing a couple of operations for a deadly cancer. All my ailments (I am nearly 60 years old) just melted away: I slept better, lost 36lbs and felt just terrific – and that after a lifetime of horrible ignorant abuse of my body and the highest weight of my life at 16st 12lbs. I researched my particular cancer to learn that only a pH-balanced body can create an environment where these recurring cancer cells (stromal sarcoma-a) cannot survive. I thought I would never be able to maintain eating or living this way, but I was very wrong. I now drink 3 litres of alkalized water per day, have a triple shot of fresh wheatgrass daily, eat an avocado, a lemon, a tomato and as many dark green veggies as I can eat every day. I feel amazing. The coaching is simple but super-effective – go for it!”


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